Summiteer Crag Rocket Rucksack Review

I first bought the crag rocket two years ago prior to a trip to climb the Old Man of Hoy. I was drawn to the simplistic design and robust fabrics. I went to meet Ethan at his workshop just outside of Kendal, Cumbria, to collect my bag. Don’t worry, he does post them out. The bags are handmade in the workshop and Ethan and I chatted about the business and its’ ethos and values. 

The rucksack is 26 litres, perfect for a day’s climbing; single pitch, multi pitch or alpine. Where the sack excels for me is on long day in the mountains, the size is spot on for harness, helmet, climbing rack, rock shoes, spare layer and emergency equipment and a rope over the top. Once you have done you walk in, most of your gear is on your body, so why carry a large bag with flapping fabric and straps whilst climbing. You want a bag to be as unnoticeable as possible. The Crag Rocket is the one. 

Climbing partners and clients are always amazed at how I manage to fit everything in. This bag is like a tardis. 

The fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles and it is incredibly robust. Mine has been scuffed through chimneys and rubbed on plenty of rock whilst alpine climbing. I took in to the Swiss/Italian Alps last year and it performed brilliantly on multi day trips using alpine huts. It came up the Cassin Route on the North face of the Piz Badile and back down into Italy. 

The Crag Rocket is my go to bag on a day to day basis, going to the wall, shorter local walks, as well as plenty of rock climbing. 

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