Climbing Skills

Skills Courses

Experience some of the greatest areas in the Dales and Lakes

Whether you are looking to learn new skills or expand existing ones, we are able to provide a number of courses to suit all levels of experience. Would you like to get to grips with the knots and technical hardware or experience the exposure on a large multi-pitch crag?  We can help you achieve your aspirations.

Learn To Lead Rock Climb

A learn to lead climbing course is the next step in your climbing.

You have probably done some seconding and top-roping by now and are ready to start leading. 

By applying the climbing skills you already have, we can build in various themes such as; placing protection, belay construction, efficient climbing movement, abseiling and problem solving. 

Obviously we will visit some great crags and routes that you will remember as a milestone within your climbing.

Sport Climbing

Here in the Yorkshire Dales we have a huge variety of bolted limestone crags with hundreds of sport routes in the area. 

We will focus on specific skills to sport climb safely at these crags and develop our climbing movement. 

To get the most out of this course you will need to be climbing around f5/5+ indoors.

Introduction to Outdoor Climbing

Would you like to try climbing for the first time? Have you climbed indoors and would like to make the transition to rock?

This course will focus on climbing movement, technical skills and the equipment to look after each other at the crag. We will use guidebooks to help us select climbs to achieve our aims.

And the most important thing, we’ll get loads of climbing done.

Climbing Development

The climbing development course is aimed at people who already lead climb and would like to develop further. 

Would you like to build more confidence in your climbing or push your grade a little? 

The course is tailored around your aims and we will help to get you there. Areas to look at include: climbing movement, route reading, tactics, falling and psychological preparation. 

We will then get on the rock and put it all into practice.

Self Rescue Techniques

We will spend the day looking at various scenarios and learn the skills you hope never to use.

This is an intensive day of learning with lots of emphasis on practice.  

Some multi-pitch experience would be beneficial for this course.

Psychological Falling Workshops

Is the fear of falling having an impact on your climbing?

We aim to help you to build you confidence in the systems, and become more comfortable whilst leading. 

We will work through a number of drills and tactics to enable you we be happier to go for it. 

This course is spent indoors in the wall over a day or across a number of evening sessions.