Yorkshire Dales Climbing with Charlotte and Em

Em and Charlotte were looking for a full Yorkshire Dales Climbing experience. They both had a lot of experience climbing indoors and had done some sport climbing outside. We started our day at Twistleton Scar above Ingleton where we were looking at becoming a proficient seconder outdoors. We started with guidebook use and interpretation, climbing calls and removing gear before seconding me up a few routes.  

The ladies quickly transferred their current skills from leading indoors finding stable positions to remove protection. We looked at a variety of gear; wires, cams and slinged threads. 

They also were keen to look at how to set up top ropes independently. So we spent some time looking at different kinds of anchor placements before covering the principles of belay building. Em and Charlotte each then set up a top rope at the top of the crag. Charlotte lowered Em to the base of the route before climbing back up to join us at the top again. 

We then headed to Giggleswick North to sport climb on the bolted crags. We looked at rethreading anchors whilst on the ground to ensure that both Em and Charlotte had good systems in place for the varying options of lower offs which are found at sport crags. Neither Em or Charlotte had used a clipstick to get the rope up a route. We worked through the steps involved in using a clipstick as they each clipped up a route.

We then discussed different tactics which can be used whilst sport climbing. We finished with Em dashing up up a good lead of Are Yew In, which Charlotte then seconded. 

Thanks for a great day out ladies. 

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